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A person is holding a wooden spoon above a A white bowl with boiled rice and Japanese curry of vegetables and meat.

This version is a mild curry in the Japanese Style. Traditionally eaten in a bowl with a spoon, it is a Japanese adaption of western cuisine.  It is hearty, and our family often cook it as comfort food. The texture is a thicker curry, with a light sweetness, and as it is mild, it tends to be a favourite of children who do not like spicy curry. The recipe can be adapted to a slow cooker, to set and forget, adding the apple later, and the curry just before you finish cooking. 

Clear glasses with a pale green panna cotta dessert, are topped with strawberries and white chocolate shavings.

Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder made from tea leaves that are dried then ground. It is high in antioxidants and has a vibrant green colour. With a "grassy" taste, it is not to everyone's liking. If you enjoy the taste of matcha, this velvety panna cotta is simple to make, and you can glam it up with decoration as you wish.

We can't make it to the Olympics this year, but as we watch on from our TVs, tablets and smartphones, even in lockdown, there is a way to bring a little taste of authentic Japanese culture into our homes. Why not try a baking project like this light, fluffy and colourful Japanese green tea cake?

A dish of sukiyaki simmers and cooks. In the pot are strips of beef, shitake mushrooms, greens, enoki mushrooms, tofu and broth.

In celebration of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, we are bringing a little Japan to you. Whilst you may immediately think of foods like sushi, and fish-based meals. This is something different. Sukiyaki originated after Japan opened its ports to trade with foreign merchants in the 1860s. These foreigners introduced new cooking styles and the use of meat in more mainstream foods. This dish simmers the meat and vegetables in a light sauce/ soup.

A pancake stack on a plate with apricot jam drizzled and peaches.

Move over maple syrup, we have enticing pancake toppings for you to try along with a simple recipe for pancakes.

Some plain biscuits stacked on a blue plate, a teacup is in the background.

The great trick with this recipe is that you can choose a flavour to fill it with. Split it into 4 and make 4 different variations, or leave it as a plain sweet biscuit.

A quiche is cut in half with small mini quiches behind it.

This recipe is quick, great for lunch boxes or to make ahead and freeze. It can be packed cold for picnics or on-the-go lunches, or reheated and served warm. Using cream instead of milk will give a lovely texture.

Cooked chicken wings served on a plate. To the side are chopsticks and some condiment bowls.

If my entire extended family voted on their favourite recipe, this would be the winner! This recipe is great for feeding a crowd, and if you need to feed an army, you can double or triple the quantities. Kids love them!

Anzac biscuits with vintage typewritten recipe

ANZAC biscuits are an institution. Golden, chewy and buttery biscuits which spark nostalgia and pay tribute to the returned and fallen Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women and the women, children and men who kept the home fires burning while supporting those on the front line with care packs of these long life, high energy snacks.

Photo shows two red apples alongside a blue pie dish. The pie dish contains cut apples and a sprinkling of crumble on top.

For a warming dessert on a fresh night, crumble can be a portion of hearty comfort food. It can be prepared in advance, ready to place in the oven, and makes a great leftover the following day as the flavours improve. In this recipe, we discuss changing texture for sensory needs.