COVID19 Info in Community Languages. Picture is a collage of fact sheets in different languages and scripts.  There are pictures of handwashing and a person presenting on TV.

Need to get coronavirus (COVID-19) resources in your language?

There is information about health, money and support.

woman shopping online with a credit card and laptop on a couch

While we are all at home more because of COVID-19, people are beginning to make more of their purchases online. Some people are not confident when making purchases online, and some are overly confident. Making a digital transaction can be scary and you need to be careful. Here are some ways to stay safe and smart when shopping online.

healthy food and woman in wheelchair drinking tea

Feeling overwhelmed? Is all the information giving you a headache?
Is your nutrition and exercise routine the first thing to go when life gets a little bizarre?
That is where IDEAS quick tips to maintaining healthy habits during COVID-19 shines.

An inforgraphic with the words "Wrap your ears around these disability podcasts" and headset, wifi and microphone.

Podcasts can be a great way to get information. You can listen when it suits you and, while you exercise, do chores or just chill out.

Here are 6 Australian podcasts that focus on disability for you to check out.

Image of a senior woman, holding a cup and blue letter.

COVID- 19 restrictions have created opportunities for peer groups and families to connect and meet in different ways. Online and offline, people with like-minded interests are communicating and sharing. Support groups have been moving to video-calls. Virtual coffee catchups are in.

A woman with oxygen tubes and headset looking at a computer.

COVID-19 may have changed how you work. If you are needed to work from home for the first time, this Australian Government Comcare Checklist can help you. It outlines hints for short term working from home arrangements.

Image of lady wearing a medical mask using her mobile device on a couch.

The COVIDSafe app was launched on Sunday, April 26, 2020, with its main purpose being to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Government is confident it will help to find and contain outbreaks in a quicker timeframe, thereby allowing the easement of restrictions whilst still keeping people safe.

Anzac biscuits with vintage typewritten recipe

We are living in strange times. With strict social distancing rules and public gatherings limited to only two people, traditional ANZAC services have been cancelled. There are still ways to commemorate our fallen soldiers this ANZAC Day though from home.

An image of two fingers with faces drawn on them, representing people arguing

Amid COVID-19, concerns for people experiencing domestic and family violence are growing. This article brings together telephone contacts, Apps and web resources to help you or someone you know who is vulnerable to domestic or family violence.

Elderly woman looking out of a window

In a tea room conversation with a colleague (adhering to social distancing guidelines), Margaret* recounted a situation so perfectly relevant in today’s climate of social distancing in the wake of COVID-19. It was her Mum’s birthday and Margaret and her brother wanted to deliver a cake and present to her at her nursing home.