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Self-managing your NDIS plan gives you choice and control over the supports and services you purchase to help you achieve your goals.

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Hello I’m Lindsay Jeffrey, I’m from Townsville in Queensland. I’m 55. I was a commercial cleaner all my life until I woke up one morning and found that I couldn’t move.

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This is an exert from Linda's full presentation "NDIS - Are You Ready?" Linda talks about Agency Managed NDIS, choosing support workers, selecting staff.

Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpretation of the My NDIS Pathway video

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Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpretation of the About the NDIS Video.

Parents of children with disability talk about NDIS early childhood access partners and key workers, and how they got started with early intervention.

It’s important that parents get quick answers, expert advice and intervention for their child as early as possible. Parents say that using the NDIS to get help for their child has helped them feel supported and positive about their child’s future.

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Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpretation of the Working with the NDIS video

In this video, parents talk about using the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). They describe how to make a plan for therapies, respite, recreation and other activities to suit your child.

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Ram: My name is Ram, I’m five years old. I love playing with the toys and activities with Miss Melissa, the schoolteacher.