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Father and daughter sitting on the lounge

Several adults with disability discuss dating, being a man, being a woman, having sex and babies, partner as caregiver, independence.

A wide range of people who live with a disability provide insights on having fun, travelling, relationships, driving, shopping, dealing with offers of help, working, problem solving, changing society.

Young boy with glasses sitting in a chair

The journey begun at the birth of their son with Down Syndrome resulted in the parents and siblings treasuring his contribution.

Young woman sitting in a wheelchair holding her baby

Brittney had children after a spinal cord injury at 14, and shares techniques and information on how to raise a child from a wheelchair. She has helpful tips on how to successfully place a child in a crib, change diapers on a change table, and more.

Most travel arrangements consist of meals, accommodation, transportation and attractions. Needs of people with disability, pregnancy, old age have been neglected but this video provides thoughtful simple solutions. Taiwan.

To increase expectations of youth with disabilities, their parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors, as well as future employers about what persons with disabilities can achieve in their careers.

The films are part of a package of resources, 'Banking made clear', to support people with learning disabiltilities to manage their money, use bank accounts and keep safe when doing so.

This short video is an excerpt from Love and Kisses, a DVD that takes a positive look at the intimate lives of people with disabilities

Young girl standing in her classroom

Megan Bomgarrs, a young woman with Down Syndrome, has accomplished much, and emphatically encourages teachers (and everyone) to include and teach her how to be an independent learner and adult.

Man standing using a loud speaker in a restaurant

Tim Harris has no time for limitations. The Albuquerque restaurant owner and multiple Special Olympic medalist has far too many hugs to give. Tim's Place is considered the World's Friendliest Restaurant.