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Man sitting with pink background

Tony relays the statistics and describes the range of his feelings about having a son who used and overdosed on drugs.

Man sitting with pink background

Tony tells the story of his son Damien, who died of a heroin overdose, and his search for information and help.

Man sitting on floor next to wheelchair

Brian, who is a complete T1 paraplegic, shows how he transfers from his wheelchair to the floor, and back up again.

Man in wheelchair sitting in kitchen

Brian talks about controlling severe muscle spasms with intrathecal baclofen pump therapy, which has made his life as T1 much easier

Man sitting on a bed

Brian, who has a T1 spinal cord injury, talks about how he sleeps in his ordinary bed, getting in and out of bed and rolling to avoid pressure sores.

The amount of feeling and function can vary drastically depending on the level and severity of the injury to the spinal cord.

Brian shows the modifications made during the construction of his standard home plan to make it wheelchair accessible. 14 mins Duration

Man in a wheelchair sitting on a balcony

Two visual artists - Lee Hill-Hei with muscular dystrophy, and Cherie Yeung without arms - explain how, why and what they paint.

Young woman sitting in an office

Several people with disabilities explain the benefit of doing training in speaking up for themselves, making choices, and deciding the next step. Training from the NSW Council for Intellectual Disabilities.

Mann laying on bed dressing himself

As a complete T1 (paralysed from armpits down), Brian shows how he dresses in pants, shirt, socks and shoes while on his bed and wheelchair.