Accessibility Tools

Lady sitting in a wheelchair

Due to having to use a wheelchair Tania has selected and achieved many goals that she formerly only dreamed of.

Toothbrush with toothpaste on it with a smiling lady behind it

How to brush your teeth and tongue twice daily with a soft manual or power toothbrush.

Lady having her teeth brushed

This video shows why and how to clean others' natural teeth or dentures and mouth.

Lady cleaning her room

This shows the attitude, right tools and products, and method you need to clean any room in your house. 7.5min

Lady cleaning a toilet

How to clean your bathroom the most efficient way possible! Preventative cleaning frequently helps you avoid intense cleaning later on and only takes a few minutes!

Lady standing and speaking

These videos explain how to appoint an Enduring Guardian, how to change it, and where to store the Guardianship. This person can make decisions for you in areas like health, medical/dental consent, accommodation, and services (but not financial matters),

These videos explain why and how to make an Ordinary and Enduring Power of Attorney regarding your financial and legal affairs, where to store it and how to change it.

These videos explain why and how to make a will regarding your possessions, what happens if you don't, and appointing an executor.

Lady standing with words on screen

These videos explains why and how to make an Advance Care Directive to plan for future medical care when you are unable to do so at that time.

2 older ladies hugging

Mrs Church, an older artist, discusses how Lorna, the home help worker, helps her live independently by doing laundry, dusting, sweeping etc and even enjoy shared activities.