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Group of men

An award-winning short film: quadriplegic college student and filmmaker Jonathan Sigworth returns to India to tell the stories of four of his quadriplegic friends. He provides tips on getting out of bed, swimming, wheelchair rugby.

Man standing outside

The Redfern Legal Centre helped Terence convince Housing NSW to repair the roof and stop mould in his unit.

Young lady sitting on her bed

Several young people who are GLBTIQ (gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer) speak about reactions at school and home, coming out, support.

Hand drawing people sitting on a lounge with speech bubbles

Advocacy helps people to speak up and get involved when decisions are being made about their life.

Man without a leg and woman without an arm on stage performing ballet

Chinese dance contest winners - he lost his leg at age four and she lost her arm at age 19. Ballet - Hand in Hand. Music by San Bao.

Wheelchair dancing class

Kitty Lunn runs dance classes for high school students with disabilities in Manhattan as physical activity and artistic expression.

Fashion shop window

In the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2010, mannequins of celebrities with disabilities stood between the usual mannequins in Zurich's fashion streets.

Young boy sitting in a chair

Nico Calabria was born with one leg, and has defied expectations on the pitch, gymnastics and other sports due to encouragement and his drive

Man with no legs and woman dancing

David Toole of CandoCo Dance Company dances without legs, on long muscular arms or in his wheelchair.

Cartoon image of 2 boys fighting

This social story helps children with autism to control aggressive behaviour when frustrated.