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A background with calculator, Australian currency, Tax return form and pen. With the words "Tax Time" in black text on wooden blocks.

You may have new questions about your tax this year. Job Keeper, Jobseeker, and Early release of superannuation are for consideration. Perhaps you are new to the NDIS and wondering what your obligations are. We bring together tax information from the Australian Taxation Office.

'The Best Summer Ever' a musical providing the beginning of unapologetic Disability Representation in Hollywood. Produced by Will Halby, this musical is the first to cast people with disabilities and the first SAG-registered film in which the majority of the cast and crew are disabled.

A young boy sites with a book on his lap reading, Beside him is a pile of books.

I am unashamedly an avid reader. My son is not. He is very reward-driven though. I hadn't heard of the MS readathon for years, and in an attempt to get him to read, I went searching. Yes it still exists!  And if you are under COVID-19 stay-at-home rules, now is a great time to pick up the books for an incredible cause! Let's hope you start a great habit for your children too.

Being able to get around confidently is a huge part of feeling independent. For those with a disability, learning how to navigate travel may seem daunting. Not to worry, to use public transport easily there are many things you will need to know, but there may be allocated funds for Improved Daily Living which can help. 

A boy with cerebral palsy smiles at a woman standing alongside him.

Skills for life - As children grow into adults, they need to learn skills to navigate our world. Starting early gives them the best chance to learn and practice these skills before they are fully independent.

This article is about the skills they, with help, aim to develop before they leave home. Whether you are a parent, friend or support person of a person with disability, you can support them to develop life skills. We include a list of suggested skills to consider.

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The way the NDIS is processing participant reimbursements is changing for plan-managed participants. Your plan managers and support network should be aware of this change.

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The great trick with this recipe is that you can choose a flavour to fill it with. Split it into 4 and make 4 different variations, or leave it as a plain sweet biscuit.

A child plays with lego

School holidays are nearly here again. As winter 2021 is upon us, we search for activities for kids with disability to keep them busy, learning and having fun. Once again we have a budget-friendly roundup. And bring to you Australia wide content. From sensory-friendly to online activities, vacation care programs to therapy based activities, outdoor lovers to chess and lego enthusiasts, there really is something for everyone. Please be aware COVID-19 Restrictions across Australia will apply where necessary.

The first national helpline for Australians with autism will provide online, digital and phone-based support services to improve the lives of people on the autism spectrum.

A quiche is cut in half with small mini quiches behind it.

This recipe is quick, great for lunch boxes or to make ahead and freeze. It can be packed cold for picnics or on-the-go lunches, or reheated and served warm. Using cream instead of milk will give a lovely texture.