People sleeping outside on the streets

Recent statistics from the last census show the levels of homelessness experienced by older people and recent migrants.

Looking at sports that both provide a means of catching up with friends and helping to keep moving, exercising and push the body.

Hands with a bowl of food

As we age our bodies have different needs for sleep, rest and nutrition.

People in a circle holding arms

A podcast that shows how Greek dancing is enriching the lives of many Greek-Australian women.

Woman laying down with rose petals all over her

IDEAS recently interviewed Nikki Hind about the launch of her clothing label, Blind Grit and her first designer collection hitting the runway at Melbourne Fashion Week for our podcast.

Woman with glasses on

A collection of experiences following the Four Corners investigation of neglect in aged care facilities.

Man with a hat on smiling

Bob Fergus met his wife Jo at work where they both had demanding jobs. Not too long after they were married, Jo required surgery. This left her unable to work and Bob took on the carer role for her.

Scrabble tiles

A podcast discussion between ABC Overnights host Rod Quinn and Health and Fitness expert Dr Gordon Lynch on the options of retiring early and the effects it has on longevity.

Lady at the gym

A podcast talking about new research with loss of muscle and strength, getting older and the possibility of reversing the effects of aging.

Two people walking into the ocean with boogie boards

A podcast on ABC Overnights with Dr Gordon Lynch talking about ways to reduce the risk of dementia.