Accessibility Tools

Scandic Hotels Accessibility Standard. Outlining specific points to address for accessibility in accommodation properties.

A new farm stay, Green Acres Wellness Farm, is opening in April 2018. This respite cottage is located in the Karuah Valley on the NSW Mid Coast and offers overnight accommodation.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is changing the way you access your internet and fixed telephone services and is being rolled out across Australia.

Seeing AI is a free app from Microsoft that narrates the world around you. It enables people who are blind or have low vision to get out and about and opens up their visual world.

Being able to access toileting facilities can greatly impact your independence and the quality of your outing, including the amount of time that you are able to stay out for and the kinds of things you are able to participate in.

If you love travelling, follow our tips on planning an accessible holiday. Create great memories by experiencing a trip, whether you are travelling overseas or domestically.

Accessing public transport with a vision impairment can be difficult. Here are some strategies to help you travel safely and confidently by bus, train, ferry, tram and other modes of transport.

A photograph of a heart drawn in the sand of a beach. Around the edges of hte heart, decoratively placed, are a variety of seashells, and starfish.

All Australians, including the 4 million people with a disability, deserve to be able to access the beach. Check out these accessible beach options across Australia, including where you can hire equipment.

A red piggy bank wears glasses, next to a black calculator and list with "Christmas Budget"

It’s not uncommon for us to overspend at Christmas time. But with a good plan and budget prepared, you can avoid spending too much money following these easy tips.

Food safety is vitally important to maintaining good health. Keeping food safe can be quick and easy and doesn’t have to be expensive. Follow these steps to keep your food safe.