Accessibility Tools

An image of a restroom sign with male, female and person with disability icons

Incontinence is no laughing matter and can cause anxiety for anyone who is affected. The Continence Foundation has free information for people affected by incontinence.  

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Richard Tracey, Commissioner for the Aged Care Royal Commission, has backed the idea to develop local Indigenous support workers to help look after elderly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living on country in remote communities.

Mobile device with options coming out of it, including lighting, heating, exhaust fan and stove.

Smart devices are changing the way that people with disability are living their lives, increasing their independence to perform everyday tasks that they may not have been able to previously do.

Image of older man in suit and tie with glasses and text "I look forward to ensuring the Commission responds effectively where there has been harm and helping to create an environment where people feel safe in their community."

Robert Fitzgerald AM has been appointed as the NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner from the beginning of this month. The NSW Disability and Ageing Commission has been established to focus on abuse and neglect that occurs in both family and community settings.

red hearts

Friendships, sex, love and relationships enrich our lives. People with autism, disability or brain injury face the same issues as other people when it comes to relationships. Friendship is important. And the desire to love and be loved, whether as a friend or an intimate companion, is a drive that defines a person in a way that no disability ever can.

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Simple comfort food, jam-packed with hidden goodness. This is an easy and flavourful pasta sauce that you can serve immediately, freeze or even jar for a later date. With a rich tomato flavour and packed full of veggies and, it is tasty.

National Relay Service

The National Relay Service (NRS) is a vital service for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment – it helps people to make and receive phone calls.

Concentrix will be running the call centre for the NRS for 3 years starting from 1 October 2019.

In the last e-news edition I discussed the idea of Allied Health Assistants being a possible part solution to Allied Health service gaps, and funding limitations for NDIS participants.

Since then I have had a number of enlightening conversations around this subject.

Black and white image of wheelchair in front of a flight of stairs, being unable to go up them.

This article is an account of one family’s day-to-day life of living with the issues of accessibility when there are building codes and practices preventing people with disabilities from getting where they want and need to go. 

person in hospital gown using a walking frame

This article highlights the issues for housebound and bedridden people regarding their access to better healthcare.