• Mental Wellbeing

    Maintaining good mental health during this time of great change is really important for our wellbeing. 

  • Older Australians


    Coronavirus can be more serious for older Australians, but we can help to protect those most at risk. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Good Hygiene Starts Here

    We can all help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. This video details good hygiene practices that everyone can adopt.

  • Coronavirus, and helping children with autism

    In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, this is a special edition about helping children with autism during this time of great upheaval. In this edition of ‘Autism, a parents guide’ Dr Ann Ozsivadjian is joined by special guest Dr Marianna Murin, and interviewed by freelance journalist Jo Carlowe.

  • Social Distancing

    Coronavirus is most likely to spread from person to person when we come into close contact with one another. We can all help stop the spread by keeping our distance. Watch this video for useful tips.

  • Should I get the flu-shot during the COVID-19 crisis?

    Gloved hand holding a syringe

    Government-funded influenza vaccines have been available to providers from mid April 2020.
    It is recommended that people get their flu shot now.

  • Coronacast


    Coronacast is a podcast that helps to answer your questions about coronavirus or COVID19. It breaks down the latest news and research to help you understand how the world is living through an epidemic.

  • Coronavirus Prevention - Why we stay home.

    An image of a person washing their hands

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and participate in society overnight. In this article, we write about the recommended strategies for preventing the spread of disease, and then the reasons why each approach is suggested.

  • Disability Information Helpline

    man thinking with symbols for washing hands, staying at home and social distancing

    Do you have a question about Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    Do you need help because things have changed?

    Help for you is here.

    Contact the Disability Information Helpline on 1800 643 787. 


  • DIY Hand Sanitiser

    Woman using hand sanitiser

    Nothing beats good old-fashioned hand washing as a way to avoid the spread of infections and diseases. With the current situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is more important than ever to practice good personal hygiene. However, if soap and water aren't available then a hand sanitiser may be the next best thing. 

  • IDEAS to bring disability information expertise to COVID-19 response

    Media Release

    People with disability have a right to accessible information at all times, but especially during a crisis. IDEAS is pleased to hear that the Government has announced that it will be launching a COVID-19 disability information helpline, which is a phone service for people with a disability, today.

  • Getting your medication during the COVID-19 crisis

    Woman sitting in a wheelchair at a table, preparing a meal.

    Now that deeper restrictions are here for movements, supports are being announced to help you be able to “Stay at Home”. From appointments to prescriptions and getting medications, we outline the supports that are available to help you.

  • Look after your mental health in the COVID-19 crisis

    Words say "self care isn't selfish"

    We are living in tough and trying times. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has had a profound impact on our day to day lives, and we are all experiencing heightened anxiety, confusion and isolation. It’s okay not to be okay.

  • COVID-19 Key Contacts for the Canterbury region in Sydney

    Medical clipboard

    Sophie Cotsis, the Member for Canterbury, and staff at her electorate office have compiled a list of support services relevant to the Canterbury area of Sydney, although some are suitable for a wider field. While comprehensive, there may be omissions and if so, she would like to be alerted to these so that they may be added to a future list. 

  • Religious services during the COVID-19 crisis

    Close up view of a video camera

    The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we participate in our communities literally overnight. Attending religious services - going to church, temple, mosque or other religious services, is a significant spiritual and cultural community activity for many Australians with disability. In an Update on Coronavirus measures on Friday 3rd April, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made an announcement regarding Religious Services.

  • What to do in isolation in the School Holidays

    An image of a young girl drawing with chalk on concrete

    While some states in Australia have returned to school, others are still in school holidays. Since children have already been home in isolation for some time, and parents are searching for ideas on how to cope during holidays. Read on for plenty of activities to keep boredom away from toddlers to teens.

  • Staying Connected in Isolation

    Woman wearing glasses resting and watching a laptop.

    Have you heard of "Zoom"? It is a video communication tool that people are using to stay connected in times of isolation. You can see, hear, and talk to a friend or family member. Read on to learn how you can stay in touch through Zoom.

  • Increase Disability Support Pension now to deal with COVID-19

    Media Release
  • COVID-19 Apps

    An image of a mobile phone showing a folder of apps

    The Australian Government has created a WhatsApp channel for guidance and advice on Coronavirus (Covid- 19) in Australia and released an app from the Department of Health. A second tracking app has also been released.

  • Coronavirus Supports for NDIS registered providers

    Boy in a wheelchair with a carer

    NDIS providers needing help on where to find supports and where assistance is available can read on for important links.