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Vote Compass is a tool developed by political scientists to help you explore how your views align with the views expressed by the major parties.

Vote Compass is designed to help you explore how your views align with major party policy. It is a civic engagement application developed by a team of social and data scientists. Its goal is to promote electoral literacy and public participation during election campaigns.

If you are wondering how or if any of the major parties represent you or your views, this tool may help you identify your position more clearly. The Federal election will be on Saturday 21 May 2022, and if you are over 18, it is your right and your obligation to vote.

How does it work?

Vote Compass asks you to respond to a series of statements or questions. You can agree or disagree to varying degrees, or you can provide a neutral response. Based on those responses, it calculates how close your personal view is to the major parties.

Vote Compass is provided by the ABC. It is operated by Vox Pop Labs. Data collected by Vox Pop Labs is used in accordance with a Privacy Statement you can read on the Vote Compass website. The ABC does not collect or retain the data you provide by using Vote Compass.

Does it tell me how to vote?

Vote Compass results are not intended and should not be interpreted as voting advice, nor as a prediction as to which party or candidate a given user intends to vote for. It is meant to serve as an entry point into an examination of how parties differ across a suite of issues relevant to a given election campaign.

No one should tell you who to vote for. This is your decision, and your chance to have your say. 

Help is available from the Australian Electoral Commission on how to vote and ways to vote, including information for people with disability.

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