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This grant opportunity funds projects to build the efficacy of Disabled Peoples and Families Organisations (DPFOs) to deliver ILC activities and to sustainably operate within the NDIS environment. This

About the grant opportunity


Applications are now open for the latest community inclusion grants. The grants

total  up to $19.9 million (GST Incl.) ($18.09 million GST Excl.) in total in

investment and are for organisations run by, and for, people with disability.


The objective of this ILC grant round is to strengthen and build the organisational

capacity of DPFOs across Australia and to deliver individual capacity building

activities for people with disability.

This grant round is an open, non-competitive round, which targets DPFOs and

organisations led by ILC Priority cohorts.


The grant round invites applications that contain two components:



Component 1: Organisational Capacity Building, which are activities that build the

organisational capacity (refer to sections 4.1 for further information on the

document), and

Component 2: Individual Capacity Building, which are activities that build the

capacity of people with disability (refer to sections 4.2 for further information on the



Individual capacity building activities that feature peer support are encouraged,

however other individual capacity building activities are also eligible.


To download the Grant oppurtunities guidelines, please click on the Grant

Opportunities guidelines  for easy english version.


GrantOppurtunity Guidelines

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Easy English Version of Grant Opportunity Guidelines


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Questions and Answers


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Streamlined Grant Conditions


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Streamlined Supplementary Terms


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Budget Template


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Authorisation to Apply as Auspice Template


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Source: https://www.communitygrants.gov.au/grants/ilc-readiness-grant-round-2018-19