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The Mobility Parking Scheme provides special parking conditions to eligible people with a disability. One of the key features of the Scheme is the Australian Disability Parking Permit, which will initially replace over 100 different types of permits across Australia. This will make travelling interstate with a Disability Parking Permit much easier. This information is relevant for NSW.

Did you know?

  • A NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit will also give you a Australian Disability Parking Permit.

  • The NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit entitles you to park in spaces marked with a symbol for people with disabilities. The permit also provides parking concessions in other spaces: Where parking is limited by a sign to move more than 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for an unlimited time.

  • There is no fee for an Australian Disability Parking Permit when it’s issued with an NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit.

  • If you hold a mobility parking scheme permit, you can enjoy free parking for a certain period of time in designated parking zones. This applies to parking zones with meters or ticket machines.

    • Where parking is limited by a sign to less than 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • Where parking is limited by a sign to 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for 2 hours
    • Where parking is more than 30 minutes, the vehicle can park for an unlimited amount of time.

  • The parking concessions apply when the Mobility Parking Scheme permit is displayed on the vehicle and it is being used to transport the person to whom the permit is issued.

  • Parking concession available under the Mobility Parking Scheme are only valid on street or council car parks. Car parking areas operating by boom gates are privately operated and no concessions are afforded in the areas.

  • You need to insert your NSW permit card into the Australian Disability Parking Permit, and display both when parking.

  • Displaying a Mobility Parking Scheme permit that is expired or invalid can result in a heavy fine being issued.

  • To be eligible for a Mobility Parking permit, a person must be unable to walk because of permanent or temporary loss pf the use of one or both legs or other permanent medical or physical condition is detrimentally affected as a result of walking 100 metres, or who requires the use of crutches, a walking frame, callipers, scooter, wheelchair, or other similar mobility aid.

  • Permits are also available to people who meet the permanently blind criteria.

  • Mobility parking scheme permit holders can stop in a no-parking zone for up to 5 minutes to drop off or pick up passengers or goods as long as the driver remains within 3m of the vehicle.

    Mobility parking scheme permits do not allow a vehicle to stand or park in areas signposted:

    • no stopping
    • taxi zone
    • bus zone
    • loading zone
    • work zone
    • clearway.

 Read more: Easy English Disability Parking Rules NSW (Signs Explained)

Quick Tips

  • Always plan ahead, your card will be posted to you. When you apply for or renew a mobility parking card, your card will be posted to you at no extra cost. Cards will generally arrive within 10 working days.

  • When applying for a Disability Parking Permit is knowing what is a Clinically Recognisable Disability.

  • You do NOT need to hold a driver’s licence to obtain a Mobility Parking Permit, you can apply for a permit as a passenger in the car.

  • You cannot have a representative attend a Service NSW centre on your behalf. During COVID-19 changes to allow online applications have been made in NSW.

  • If you have more than one car, you can be issued with an additional permit if you have a registered open-style vehicle (such as a convertible, motorcycle or motor tricycle) in addition to a standard vehicle (such as a sedan). This allows you to permanently fix one permit to the open-style vehicle for security purposes and carry the other permit in the usual way.

  • If you have lost or damaged your permit, you can apply for a replacement.

  • You can report the misuse of Mobility Parking permits

What is a Clinically Recognisable Disability?

A Clinically Recognisable Disability is a permanent disability certified by a doctor for the purposes of issuing a Mobility Parking Permit. If you meet the Clinically Recognisable Disability Criteria, you will need a doctor to fill out Section 2 of your application form, when you first apply for a Mobility Parking Scheme Permit. Once your disability is recorded in the system, you don’t need to provide a medical report to renew your permit.

The following conditions are considered Clinically Recognisable Disabilities

  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Leg amputations
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Chromosomal or syndromic conditions
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Blindness

This list has been developed in consultation with the Disability Council and with reference to criteria used by Centrelink for carer allowance applications.

Does a permit affect my ability to drive?

When you apply for a Mobility Parking Permit Scheme permit you will need to have your medical fitness assessed to ensure that you are fit to drive.

The Roads and Maritime Services considers that minor disabilities generally don’t prevent you from driving safely.

Minor disabilities include:

  • Loss of up to three fingers on one hand
  • Loss of toes
  • Slight stiffness in a joint
  • One limb shorter than the other
  • Any other minor condition
  • In most cases, serious disabilities mean that you would need to use special aids, appliances and or vehicle modifications.
  • Serious Disabilities
  • Loss or serious impairment of one or both legs
  • Loss or serious impairment of one or both arms
  • Any other serious physical or mental disability

 How to apply

For an individual or temporary permit you can download an application form or get one from your nearest NSW Service Centre.

You will then need to get a Medical report from your doctor or your specialist. They need to fill out the medical section of the form.

You may be eligible for a photo exemption. You will need to apply for this before submitting your permit application. See more information about this here.

Types of Permits

There are 3 types of permits:

  1. Individual (blue card) Issued for 5 years to people with a permanent disability.

  2. Temporary (red card) Issued for up to 6 months to people with a temporary disability, for example, a leg injury.

  3. Organisation (green card) Available only to organisations that provide transport for people with disabilities.

 NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permits fees

  • Individual - $49 (concession - $0)

  • Temporary - $16 (concession - $0)

  • Organisation - $49 (concession not available)

All invalid permits should be posted to

Drives Assurance, Transport for NSW
P.O Box 3035, Parramatta NSW 2124

Apply, replace or renew mobility parking scheme permits online

Information Sourced from Service NSW

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