IDEAS’ services are all about providing free, accurate and independent disability information.  We know that good information is powerful. It unlocks more and better choices by people with disability, more effective service provision, and inclusive relationships across communities.  We keep up to date with what’s happening, whether that’s about people, services and supports, legislation, or current trends. At IDEAS, we get it.  We collect, curate and maintain our information, so that yo­u don’t have to. Check out our services and resources: 

customer journey with IDEAS. Flow chart begins with confused customer, who connects to an IDEAS Info officer. The Info Officer does research, using the IDEAS database, their prior knowledge and the internet, then we contact the service to ensure info and connect the customer to the service, Then we contact customer with the information, be it a list of services, phone numbers and contact names or fact-sheets links or information, Customer then chooses and contacts a service, the service is recieved, and then follow up, where we check that the customer is happy and finally, a happy customer.