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Changes have been made to the eligibility criteria for a Disability Parking Permit in Queensland. Legislation passed by the Queensland Parliament on 14 July 2020 will see an expansion of the eligibility criteria for the scheme in Queensland.

In Queensland, the disability parking permit scheme consists of 2 permits, the:

  • Australian permit
  • red permit—for existing red permit holders only. Red permits are no longer issued to new applicants but if you already have a red permit, you may reapply for another when your permit expires.

This expansion will include people with a vision-impairment who are diagnosed as 'legally blind' as defined in the Australian Government's Social Security Guide under the Social Security Act 1991 (Cth). This definition is consistent with the definition of legally blind used for the TransLink Vision Impairment Travel Pass in Queensland. Permits under the new eligibility criteria are provided to people who meet the definition on a temporary and permanent basis.

As a deterrent to people parking illegally in a disability parking area, the legislation has also increased the police fine to $533, a doubling of the current amount. 

To consider the changes necessary in the information technology with the updated application process and to allow time for communication with medical practitioners and the community, the changes will become effective on 31 August 2020. 


If you are eligible for the scheme under the expanded criteria, you should not apply for a parking permit until advised on the QLD Government Parking Permits website. Further information about the eligibility criteria, including a new application for people who have been diagnosed as legally blind, will be made available as soon as practicable.

More detailed information can be accessed from QLD Government Parking Permits 

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