This booklet explains Alzheimer’s disease, why people with Down syndrome have it more frequently and at a younger age than the general population, diagnosis, support and contacts. Down Syndrome Austraia, Alzheimer's Australia, CDDH Victoria, 12pp.

CDDHV staff developed a smoking cessation and smoking education course for people with an intellectual disability in Victoria. This program is based on Quit Victoria's Fresh Start course. Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria, 2007, 81pp,

This illustrated booklet explains the purpose and procedure of a Pap test in simple language. PapScreen Victoria, June 2011, 7pp.

This provides information and resources for carers of women with intellectual disability about managing their menstruation.

This booklet provides information about technology that can be used in the workplace by people with a disability.

This booklet is designed to help women understand the nature of violence in relationships and to guide them through the process of separation.

This explains how the NSW Government will ensure that different parts of the government will take action to help people with disability use services.

This resource is for educators within garden projects in the community or schools (Years 3 and 4). Each of the 5 lesson plans include a practical gardening activity and an interactive classroom lesson on a health topic.

This research by the University of Western Sydney staff explores issues facing 1000 young Australians aged 16-27 who are gender variant and sexually diverse. Feb 2014, 63pp.

This booklet explains your rights and top tips for disabled and less mobile air passengers in the United Kingdom and Europe. July 2014