Accessibility Tools


This book will put you on the path to managing your arthritis by taking an active role in understanding and treating your condition. By doing this, you will experience less pain and stay more active than those who feel there is nothing they can do.

Understanding MS - An introduction for people living with MS - information, diagnosis, treatment, research.

Caring for a person with MS for family & friends of people with MS.

These guidelines help print designers to improve the legibility of books, reports, newsletters and other printed material. They are also for people+F71 adapting existing printed material into large print for people with low vision. Round Table, 2011, 41pp

The Guidelines for producing Accessible eText are published by Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities Inc. (Round Table). Round Table is an umbrella organisation which brings together producers, distributors and consumers of information in alternative formats to print, blindness agencies, tertiary institutions and government departments in Australia and New Zealand.

This toolkit for deafblind children's services in the United Kingdom outlines how to identify and assess deafblind children, available support, coordination of staff and services, further resources. Sense, 16pp.

This information booklet for applicants and participants of the TTSS outlines terms and conditions, its calculation, payment, catching a taxi, travelling interstate, lodging a complaint.F68 NSW Transport, 24pp.

This booklet explains Alzheimer’s disease, why people with Down syndrome have it more frequently and at a younger age than the general population, diagnosis, support and contacts. Down Syndrome Austraia, Alzheimer's Australia, CDDH Victoria, 12pp.

CDDHV staff developed a smoking cessation and smoking education course for people with an intellectual disability in Victoria. This program is based on Quit Victoria's Fresh Start course. Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria, 2007, 81pp,

This provides information and resources for carers of women with intellectual disability about managing their menstruation.