Accessibility Tools


This booklet informs parents of children with Cerebral Palsy about diagnosis, early intervention services, early childhood education and care, starting school, aids, equipment and assistive technology.

The City of Perth is committed to ensuring the City is welcoming and inclusive for all people. This plan demonstrates our commitment to raising awareness and making life in the City as safe, comfortable and accessible as possible for people with disability.

A handbook for supporting people with learning disabilities to lead full lives.

Booklet produced by Family Planning NSW on taking action about the reproductive and sexual health and rights of people with disability.

A short guide for families with a newly diagnosed child deals with issues they will face at that early stage, especially emotional and relationship ones, as well as looking after oneself, working with services and support networks,advocacy.

The easy guide to socialising online provides information on protecting yourself and your information when using sites (including social networking sites), search engines and online games. Especially helpful for parents.

This explains about sexting, various social platforms, what to do when you need help, other resources.

Cybersmart (the national cybersafety education program) outlines how parents can address cyberbullying, social networking, sexting, mobile phone safety, illegal content, and lists other resources.

For employees and self-employed people with cancer, and working carers describes how cancer can affect ability to work, tips on working during treatment and recovery, information on rights and entitlements, and balancing work and caring duties.

This describes various Telstra equipment (telephone, teletypewriters, accessories),