A view of a computer screen, set up for a video conference, with different ethnicity and age people engaged in group videocall.

An increase in online meet-ups has some people wondering what the "rules" are. Are they the same as a face-to-face meeting? Here we discuss what makes best practice whether you are a meeting attendee or organiser, some tips on holding an inclusive meeting and communicating clearly.

An image of a person in a light grey winter jumper. In one hand they hold a speckled bowl, inside the bowl is porridge, topped with raspberries, blueberries and almonds. In the other hand they hold a silver spoon over the bowl.

We've noticed an autumn chill is on the way! If you need a boost on a brisk morning to warm you, porridge has been a favourite for generations. Move over, humble breakfast. Healthy or decadent. Savoury or sweet. Our topping ideas will transform your porridge into a nutritious and hearty feast.

Video call with a doctor

Over the last year, Telehealth has changed the way health care is delivered. You can now talk to your GP or other health professionals from the comfort of your own home, without spending hours in the waiting room.

A printed piece of paper with the heading "Meal Plan" has days of the week and columns to place meals. The paper is surrounded by foods like pasta, herbs, vegetables, fruits, nut and spices,

Simplify life and your food budget with a little planning. A common cause of stress in a typical home is: what to eat. Routines can help take the chaos away AND stop last-minute panic or fast-food purchases. It will stop those dreaded moments standing in front of a fridge wondering what you can make into a meal. Making the most of your budget comes from knowing the regular meals you and your family love AND that you find easy to make, so you no longer impulse shop. Plus we have a meal planning template for you to use.

A boy sits with a chess board and ipad in front of him. A bowl of chips is to the side. On the ipad is a friend he is playing against, who also has a chessboard that we can see in the picture.

Spring has sprung! That means School Holidays! Here is our virtual helping hand, with activities for kids living with disability across Australia. We have all the ideas, from art videos with closed captioning and Auslan interpreting to  STEM learning labs and creative therapy. 

A carer in blue shirt and light pants is pushing a person wearing blue pants and pink shirt in a wheelchair onto a ramp for a silver van. The ground is paved and the background is a garden with greenery.

If you plan a road trip to friends and family or a beach getaway and your vehicle hasn’t been in use very much, we have some checks and tips to do before you set off.

Mobile device with options coming out of it, including lighting, heating, exhaust fan and stove.

Smart devices are changing the way that people with disability are living their lives, increasing their independence to perform everyday tasks that they may not have been able to previously do.

A photograph of a young male with prosthetic leg. He is standing in a kitchen, chopping food. In front of him is a blender to make a smoothie with.

According to Foodbank, Australian households throw away 2.5 million tonnes of edible food each year. That equals nearly 300 kilograms per person of food waste! We have some great ideas to get the most from your food, make your meals go further, and save your coins too.

Food groceries, including bananas, herbs, eggs, can of corn, tea and eggs shown spread out

We have seen it before, panic buying and a shortage of supplies on supermarket shelves, especially toilet paper, as a COVID-19 lockdown is announced. Supermarkets introduced drastic new measures to address this, which included strict limits on item purchases per transaction, priority deliveries and restricted access times for Australians who are older or have a disability. We have the latest information, and tips on how to get your shopping.

sad woman in cage. IDEAS logo. IDEAS does information so you can do life.

The Disability Royal Commission is seeking submissions from people with disability, their families, carers, supporters and disability organisations in response to issues papers on Safeguards and quality, Violence and abuse in the home and Promoting inclusion.