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Social inclusion, family time and having a place to live are everybody's aspirations, including people with disability. The NDIS can help achieve these dreams and aspirations. Find out how.

A ten pin bowling lane with the pin standing at the end and the balls held in the ball holder

People with disability have the same needs and aspirations that everyone in society does including having a good place to live, have a role in the local community and the opportunity for social inclusion with friends, family and interests.

It can however, be harder for a person with disability to achieve this. One objective of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was to facilitate the fulfilment of these dreams and desires.

If you have a permanent and significant disability, there is a chance that you will receive funding from the NDIS. Although you won’t receive funding for supports such as hospital and GP visits, the funding for reasonable and necessary that you may receive will help you to:

  • pursue your goals and aspirations
  • be more independent
  • take part in social activities and work
  • actively take part in the community
  • enjoy an ordinary life

 This can be very confusing, so here is a quick case study to make it easier to understand what your funding may cover:

Kim’s story - How the NDIS might provide support to access community services

Kim is a well-supported 24-year-old with Down syndrome who has a job and lots of friends. Kim is interested in joining the local bowls club but none of her friends are interested.

She approaches John, the National Disability Insurance Scheme local area coordinator, who accompanies Kim to the bowls club to help her become a member.

Kim tried to become a member before but was told by a club official that she would need help to join. John talks with officials from the club about what the club can do to take Kim on as a member.

He also arranges for the Down syndrome support group to provide disability awareness training at a club members’ night and afterwards works with some of the club’s long term-members about ways they can support Kim to learn to play bowls.

John also uses some National Disability Insurance Scheme funds to get Easy English versions of the club and game rules.

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