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A guide for people with disabilities who think they may be eligible for a Disability Support Pension (DSP).

  1. DSP and Me in Plain English
  2. DSP and Me in Easy English
  3. DSP & Me Screen Reader Version

The guide provides information on what a person needs to know before applying for a DSP so they understand the requirements and have the best chance of making a successful application if they are eligible. It can be used by an individual person or with help from someone else. Also available is a section on where to get help if it is needed.

The following information is contained in this document:

  1. About DSP & Me
  2. Helpful hints when using DSP & Me
  3. What is Centrelink?
  4. Steps to making a DSP claim
  5. Things to know before you start
  6. Step 1: Non-medical criteria - age and residency
  7. Step 2: Medical evidence
  8. Information for my Treating Doctor
  9. Medical Evidence - am I ready to make a DSP Claim?
  10. Step 3: Program of Support
  11. Program of Support - have I met the requirements?
  12. Program of Support - am I ready to make a DSP Claim?
  13. Step 4: Income and Assets
  14. Step 5: DSP Claim Checklist
  15. Step 6: How do I make a DSP claim?
  16. Step 7: What happens now?
  17. A note for people aged under 35
  18. Key Terms List
  19. Your Rights with Centrelink
  20. Your Rights with Disability Employment Services
  21. Where Can I Get Help?

Man with a smile in a wheelchair