Accessibility Tools

The aim of this Review is to provide an insight into how people with disabilities can best use popular social media tools.

In 2009 Media Access Australia
(MAA) released its first Social Media
Accessibility Review when social
media was less prolific. The Review
identified popular social media
tools and if they were accessible.
While the original review was
well received by consumers with
disabilities, it was important to create
an updated review due to the:
• The rapid growth of social media
• The shift toward using social
media on mobile devices
• Emergence of new
accessibility options
• Increasing reliance on social
media to communicate and
achieve everyday tasks
• International shifts towards
seeing social media as a
democratic tool with strong
the potential for social inclusion
MAA applied for a grant from the
Australian Communications Consumer
Action Network (ACCAN) to create
a new Review that could address
the changes in social media use.
Instead of simply identifying the most
accessible social media tool as was
the case in 2009, it was now important
to ensure that people with disabilities
were able to use their tool of choice
in the most accessible way. MAA
was successful in receiving funding
for the project from ACCAN, resulting
in the creation of this resource.

Media Access Australia: Inclusion through Technology 


Resource: Media Access Australia

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