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National Disability Strategy Consultation Report prepared by the National People with Disabilities and Carer Council.

Once shut in, many people with disabilities now find themselves shut out. People with disabilities may be present in our community, but too few are actually part of it. Many live desperate and lonely lives of exclusion and isolation. The institutions that once housed them may be closed, but the inequity remains. Where once they were physically segregated, many Australians with disabilities now find themselves socially, culturally and politically isolated. They are ignored, invisible and silent. They struggle to be noticed, they struggle to be seen, they struggle to have their voices heard.

"Until the concept of disability disappears and is replaced by a society that is structured to support everyone's life relatedness and contribution—until that day my life and opportunities and the lives of every other person who carries the label ‘disabled’ depends on the goodwill of people in the human service system.Goodwill is no substitute for freedom." From the SHUT OUT report. 


LINK TO LISTEN TO PDF: http://bit.ly/2ep5Yth 

Resource: Australian Government - Department of Social Services

Download: pdfSHUT OUT: The Experience of People with Disabilities and their Families in Australia