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This document sets out the NSW Government's commitment, strategies and priority areas for responding to the opportunities and challenges of our older population.

Getting older is a normal and natural phase of life and is something to be valued. People living longer is positive for individuals, and also presents social and economic benefits to the wider community of NSW. But to fully experience the benefits of living longer, NSW needs to better plan for ageing. This must happen at the individual and community levels, because we know that ageing affects everyone. Responding to the opportunities and challenges of an ageing population means that government, the private sector and the wider community must work together. We recognise that the experience of ageing is different for everyone and happens at different times. For the NSW Ageing Strategy to be most effective, we are focused on people in NSW who are aged 50 years and over.

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Resource: NSW Government - Family and Community Services

Download: pdfNSW Ageing Strategy 2016 - 2020