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When you're travelling with a disability or access issues, it's important to know that your needs can be met in the destination you are travelling to.

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Accessible Travel Online Resources - 2017 edition (PDF)

2nd Edition Sep 2016



Hard of hearing or vision-impaired? A wheelchair user or slow walker? Fibromyalgia, MS or spinal-cord injury? None of these should stop you from experiencing the joy and benefits of travel. We at Lonely Planet believe that travel is for all, no matter what their abilities or limitations.

We also know that the first barrier to travel for many people who have access issues or a disability is a lack of information, combined with a fear of the unknown. We hope that this collection of online resources will go some way towards filling the information gap and alleviating unfounded fears, either by providing information directly or by introducing you to a host of people who haven’t let their disability get in the way of their love of travel.

  • The world’s largest list of online resources for accessible travel – 30% more content than the 1st edition

  • Country-by-country resources from national and local government and tourism bodies, as well as disabled people’s organisations

  • A wealth of experience of travelling with a disability from more than 50 personal travel blogs

  • Dozens of specialised accessible travel agents and tour operators from more than 40 countries around the world

  • Top travel tips for travelling with access issues

  • Advice from experienced travellers with a disability

  • Leads and links to disability-specific advice and support

  • Websites dedicated to the theory and promotion of accessible travel

  • Inspiring images of people travelling with a disability

  • Easy-to-read text

  • Updated regularly

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ISBN: 9781787011007
95 pages