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Book cover, includes title of the book Everything I've Never Said showing a girl's face floating in water

A novel looking at the challenges a family faces when there is a disability. Diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, Ava is unable to talk, nod her head or point, and what she would dearly like to do is tell her family she loves them. Especially her big sister Nic. 

No-one understands her yet she understands everything. Ava's determination to talk is paramount when her family faces the tragedy of their father's medical episode. Kieran, an occupational therapist and her new friend Aimee offer her hope for change where she can at last be heard. 

The author Samantha Wheeler, has based this story partly on her own situation where her second daughter lives with Rett Syndrome. She says "Everyone has a voice, whether or not they communicate in a conventional way and I wanted to convey that message to younger readers."

This book is aimed at readers 9+, teenagers and adults.

Published by University of Queensland Press

September 2018

224 pages

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Book review written by Jennifer Jackson Published: 01 July, 2019