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This research was commissioned by FACS to establish levels of involvement among the over 50s in creative pursuits and identify their preferences for involvement in these as spectators and participants.

The overriding objective of this research is to establish current levels of involvement in creative pursuits among the over 50s, and identify preferences for involvement in creative pursuits (both as a spectator and as a participant). An online survey was conducted with n=2,203 NSW residents aged over 50. Quotas were used to help ensure the sample is broadly representative of the wider population of NSW.

Most people aged over 50 agree that the arts are an important part of Australia’s culture and society; and around half agree that attending or participating in the arts makes for a more fulfilling life and/or that participation in the arts is a good way to stay sociable as they age.

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Resource: NSW Government - Family and Community Services

Download: pdfCreative Ageing Research Report Oct 2017