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Lonely Planet has produced an accessible travel phrasebook for accessibility and needs specific phrases for travellers with a disability in over 35 languages.

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Accessible Travel Phrasebook (PDF)

1st Edition May 2018



All travellers will get more out of their trip by being able to speak a few words of the local language, but for people with a disability, it’s often vital to be able to explain your particular needs. Since standard phrasebooks are unlikely to contain the language you need to talk about needs around disability we’ve gathered together some disability-specific words and phrases and translated them into as many different languages as we practically could. Although things are slowly changing for the better, there are still plenty of barriers to travel for people with a disability – language doesn’t have to be yet another. 
  • 35 languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese
  • About 100 disability-specific words and phrases
  • Easy-to-use pronunciation guides
  • Glossary of common conditions
  • Vocabulary relating to hotels and transportation
  • Equipment you might need
  • Explaining about your allergies
  • Getting help
Book Details
ISBN: 9781787011403
386 pages
Resource: Lonely Planet