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a white plate with crumbed chicken, peas and carrots and corn. the plate has white pegs and slight gradient.

This new product enables people with limited mobility to eat independently with only one hand. Amputees, people with Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, Motor Neuron Disease (MND), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, stroke and many other conditions could benefit from this innovative product.

The team from Frau Kettner have utilised the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to develop an innovative product for people with physical and mobility disabilities.

Stack of Onehandplates

Onehandplate is made from durable melamine. It is dishwasher and food safe BPA-free and has smart adaptive features, including a sloped surface and high edge to help collect and channel small pieces of food (like peas and corn kernels) and sauces, as well as a series of cylindrical pegs strategically placed to allow users to cut all types of food, from protein, fruit and vegetables to bread and other baked goods.  

A 25-year-old industrial designer Marie Ruddeck and her cofounder, Marcel Dittrich from Berlin Germany, tested and released prototypes of their innovative product and placed their vision into the hands of grassroots internet investors last year. The team surpassed their 25,000-euro Kickstarter funding goal in December last year and were able to begin full production of the daily living aid with expected availability from March 2020. Woman with blonde ponytail and black t-shirt, smiling

“Onehandplate” will empower people with disability by allowing them to cut and eat and their food independently. The Frau Kettner team are further developing a “Onehandcuttingboard” to enable preparation of any meal and to increase independence for people with varying disabilities.  

To find out more about production, distribution and online ordering visit fraukettner.de/en 

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