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As of this week, people with disability accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can request plans for up to three years. This means that participants can opt to not have regular annual or biannual reviews of their NDIS plans.

For participants with support needs which are unlikely to change, a longer plan duration means they can carry on with their day to day lives without having to go through frequent plan reviews. Less red tape. Less paperwork.

This is in stark contrast to the twelve-month reviews which were in place since the Scheme’s introduction in 2013. Although in many cases this will improve access and ease of navigating and using the scheme, it is important to remember that when your circumstances or support needs change, that you can request a review of your plan at any time.

If this is you, be mindful not to let the NDIA “set and forget” your plan. Changes to your day to day needs and overall goals can happen quickly and often without warning.

The Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Stuart Robert, has further announced the start of the NDIS Annual Price Review 2020-21.

The review will look at current NDIS price limits and related policies to ensure they continue to be appropriate to the market, to understand where changes may be required and provide recommendations. If you are not having a plan review until 2023, bear in mind that the price for your services and supports may change in this time and you may end up receiving less support.

Minister Robert said the review is part of the Government’s plan to deliver on the promise of the NDIS, in particular, to deliver a capable, efficient and sustainable market.

‘This pricing review is part of our commitment to building confidence and certainty for the provider market, as well as ensuring participants are able to access supports that represent value for money,’ Minister Robert said.

The review will consider the current price control framework, as outlined in the Issues Paper, including 1:1 core and group-based supports, capacity building, plan management, regional, remote and very remote areas and provider claiming.

‘We are calling on participants, their families and carers, providers, peak bodies and community representatives to have their say on NDIS pricing matters, by submitting their feedback through the consultation process.’

The review will also look at options to reduce administrative costs for providers while also improving the flexibility for participants to purchase supports to meet their goals.

Any changes to the NDIS Price Guide and Support catalogue, in terms of support items and policy changes, will be announced and published at least one month before 1 July 2020, the date these changes would come into effect.

You can provide feedback for the review until February next year. Please visit the NDIS website for more information.

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