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Information matters to all people with disability, and those who love and care for them all the time. It helps people to get what they want and need to live and thrive ….to build lives of contribution and feel valued. We believe every person can lead a meaningful life and have worked more than thirty-five years to help this happen.


When recognition of information waxes and wanes, IDEAS hold steady in personalised, accurate responses. Information matters because choice matters. 


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Diana Palmer

Executive Officer IDEAS

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This year 2019-2020 we have connected with nearly five million people answering their enquiries and delivering information on how people want to receive it.

Our staff share 373 years of disability sector experience,

85% of IDEAS board members live with disability or have close lived experience of disability

42% of IDEAS staff live with disability or have close lived experience of disability.

We get it! Dive in and get a picture of our customer’s experience and meet some of the IDEAS family.

Diana Palmer the Executive Officer of IDEAS, shares her reflections on the past year.

Reflections of 2019 -20 financial year - Closed caption version below.

Reflections of 2019 -20 financial year - Audio described version below.

Martin Heng is the Chair of IDEAS. Martin is a prolific traveller, writer, editor. His passion for travelling and experiences has propelled him and his tribe to many locations and adventures.

Meet Martin Heng - Closed caption version below.

 Meet Martin Heng - Audio described version below.


Chris Dumas is the Treasurer of IDEAS and a lot more besides. Meet Chris and his son Max, one of his three children. 

Meet Chris - Closed caption version below. 


Meet Chris - Audio described version below. 

Adam is a customer of IDEAS. He has used the free independent service to get stuff solved and maintain his independence.

Meet Adam and his dog Sasha - Closed caption version below.


Meet Adam and his dog Sasha - Audio described version below.

Margot Video - Closed caption version below.


 Margot Bulger Video - Audio described version below.