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IDEAS Media Release

IDEAS announced today new collaborative partnerships with Radio 2RPH, Playgroup Australia and the Stroke Recovery Association of NSW, as the community organisation continues to spread the message that people with disability are contributing citizens deserve the right access to information and services.

The organisations join an existing mix of influential partners, including Eastern Riverina Arts for PLATFORM, and ACCAN for Accessible Telecoms.  Longer relationships also exist with the Wide Angle Film Festival and Family Planning NSW.

Diana Palmer, Executive Officer of IDEAS, says “Partnerships are not new to IDEAS. However, during the last year, we have focused on listening to the community through consultations and actively sought to bring extra value to people with disabilities. We are hoping to grow capacity in the sector through more sharing – with this comes collaboration and partnerships.”

She continues, “The main aim of these partnerships is to ensure that we provide access to comprehensive, trusted and unbiased information for people with disabilities on a larger scale. Strategic partnerships such as these help us reach a wider audience and as a result help us to have more impact and effectively create more positive change.”

IDEAS has already positively impacted the lives of more than 7 million people since inception, and 80 percent of their staff and the Board either live with a disability or have lived the experience of disability. The IDEAS team approach what they do with a real-world understanding of how necessary independent information is to make informed life choices. 

Sancha Donald, General Manager at Radio 2RPH, said of the partnership with IDEAS, “Information sharing is the core activity for both of our organisations. A partnership is a way for us to extend our reach and ultimately provide greater help for people with disabilities, so they have greater choice and control in their lives.”

IDEAS' network of partners is a key reason for their success and IDEAS looks towards a future of increasing connections and shared goals.

Interested parties can reach out to IDEAS for a discussion to see if a partnership is right. From there, the organisation will develop a road map for fruitful collaboration. 

For media enquiries, contact Diana Palmer, Executive Officer of IDEAS on 0407 419 737. Alternatively, please contact Manning & Co. at 02 9555 5233 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.