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Following on from our recent blog about disability podcasts Wrap your ears around these disability podcasts and to have a rest from the ABC Coronacast podcast focussing on the coronavirus or COVID 19, the following picks may bring something fresh and new to your usual podcast landscape. 

 As short as 4 minutes (the time it takes to make your morning coffee or pack your lunch) and as long as an hour (to really settle in and contemplate) podcasts serve to be uplifting, informative and inspiring depending upon what you choose.

How to get a podcast

Typing the name of the podcast into the search bar can locate the relevant one or browsing a site such as PodcastOne Australia can gain access to many hundreds. In this website, a series of Categories can help to narrow down the search if a particular name alludes you.

The range of topics is seemingly infinite and the best way to locate a podcast to suit your taste is as easy as searching by name or theme. Asking around for other people’s suggestions may also elicit a handy list of likely ones. Radio programs such as The Conversation Hour on the ABC invite listeners to locate their site to listen to particular episodes again.

The following list relates to Mindfulness, Positivity and Health although there are numerous topics to choose from.


The Mindful Minute

By Meryl Arnett. Each week she provides a brief talk and meditation focused on how to live our lives more mindfully, easily and happily.

Mindfulness Mode

Hosted by Bruce Langford, it aims to increase your calm, focus and happiness so you can be more relaxed, contented and satisfied with your life.  Each episode is approximately 40 minutes.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Being more grounded and happier are two common themes running through these podcasts.  A weekly podcast, Gretchen discusses good habits and happiness with her sister Elizabeth Craft.

Crappy to Happy

With Cass Dunn, it is the podcast for people on the move who may be feeling low in energy, mood or motivation and can’t figure out exactly why.  First podcast 14 August 2017 Escape the cult of busy! Her most recent season No. 5 is devoted to Coping with COVID. Each episode is approximately 40 minutes.

The Mindful podcast is a series of 10-15 minute episodes hosted by Barry Boyce and Stephanie Domet, editors of the magazine publication Mindful.


Sunny Side Up!  Hosted by Ash London, this podcast is pitched as a morning hit of positivity in less than 7 minutes.


Health Hacker  Adam MacDougall a health and fitness expert, hosts this podcast which looks at the choices made around food, exercise, sleep and mental health. Each episode is approximately 35-40 minutes.

Healthy Her Amelia Phillips, a fitness and nutrition expert, began this podcast in August 2019 covering topics such as beating sleep deprivation and finding time for exercise to career ruts and bonding with your children. Among the many different topics, a selection relates to COVID-19:

Each episode is approximately 30 minutes

Why are podcasts so good?

Listening to podcasts can be done in many ways, be it while running or walking in the morning as a pick-me-up or positive start to the day, or in the bath or on the back deck as a wind-down after a busy day. Of course, safety is paramount whether that means looking out for traffic or pedestrians or setting up a sturdy bath side stool on which to lay your listening device. Optional or an absolute requirement may be the cup of tea and bickie to accompany this time.

Podcasts are portable and while some can easily be listened to in the allotted time, others are able to be paused and returned to later with little disruption to the flow of the ‘cast.

Consider the following additional benefits:

  • Podcasts make information personal with the content feeling like it is directed to the listener.
  • Easy and convenient to listen to, new podcasts when subscribed to, are automatically downloaded when they are released.
  • Paper, printing and postage are all done away with when a podcast series is developed and delivered.
  • Whether it’s preparing the family dinner or reading through a series of meeting notes, podcasts are a time-efficient way to communicate information. It could be the trendy healthy living influencer or the boss from work with the latest product details.
  • The portability of computers, iPods or smartphones all provides a handy means of accessing the latest episode of a favourite podcast.


So what should you listen to?

The topics offered through podcasts are seemingly endless and it is up to the listener to decide what they want to hear and when.

Subscriptions to podcasts help to corral listeners into a series or season with one simple sign up. This is a handy way to hold on to a favourite podcast without needing to keep an eye out for the newest one.

For further information: PodcastOne Australia

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