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person in hospital gown using a walking frame

This article highlights the issues for housebound and bedridden people regarding their access to better healthcare. 

Ricky Buchanan is a middle-aged disabled woman residing in Melbourne who has become frustrated at the failure of medical and disability services to support people who are housebound or bedridden.

She acknowledges there are many people that are struggling to gain the support they require from the NDIS, and particular groups are missing out such as the aforementioned housebound and bedridden. 

In 2018, she published a report called “Just Invisible” Medical Access Issues for Homebound/Bedridden Persons, which looks at the challenges of accessing health care and disability support schemes such as the NDIS.

This article is interview-style with a number of focus questions to pinpoint specific issues and concerns.

To read the full article go to Becoming visible 

To access the Report go to Just Invisible - Medical Access issues For Homebound/Bedridden Persons