IDEAS is driven by people with disability, for people with disability. Our vision is a world where people with disability live full, independent lives of their own choosing. Our tool is information. We provide information that can help in your everyday life.

This page will talk about various features available within our site for our customers.

How to use IDEAS website?

This video talks on how to navigate through various sections on the IDEAS website.

How do we help you?

We provide verified, independent and supported Information. Please watch the below video to understand how our information team works to get the right verified information for you for free. This also talks about the publications that we offer to our customers.


List my service for free

  • This feature enables you to list your service(s) so that people with disability, their families and carers and organisations can contact you. Click here to list your service for free

You can access the powerpoint or watch the video (no audio) below to familiarise yourself on the steps.

Power point version : List_your_service_for_free_-_Customer_Version.pptx

Alternatively you can watch the video on how to list your service with us by pressing the play icon on the video player below.

Ideas Search

The IDEAS website is a powerful search engine which helps you discover services, supports, and resources specific to you and your needs. You can start searching straight away by using the Keyword search bar at the top of the home page, or you can use the category search directly beneath to filter and browse results on particular topics. 

You can search in one of two ways:

Keyword search


Category search 


Did You Know?

By inserting double quotes around a phrase, "like this" you tell the search engine two things: 

  1. the words typed in the search box should be present in any results that show up, and
  2. the words should be present in the same sequence as in the search phrase.