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 Our vision is a world where people with disability live

full independent lives of their own choosing. 


The results below include specialised disability and mainstream services and supports to help you live your best life and build strong and healthy relationships.

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Resources for Emergencies

Disaster Recovery

Man using sip and puff device.


 What to do in a flood

You need to have a plan in place of where you will go, who you will contact and where you can get help.


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Complaints department.


Insurance and Flood Damage

What to do before you begin the task of cleaning up. Our Top Tips.



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Packing for an emergency

If you may be without power and clean drinking water, a little planning now will spare you precious time. 


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COVID news

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a bandaid being administered to an arm


COVID-19 vaccines

Who should and can get them?


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soapy hands


How to protect

yourself and others from COVID-19


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rapid antigent test


Free RATS in NSW

Extension on free RATs


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