An important part of IDEAS Community Engagement strategy is providing information, skill development and connection through workshops, training and innovative events, for people with disability, their families and carers and industry professionals.

IDEAS offers a growing range of awareness, education and training options for people with disability, the professional sector that supports them and mainstream society. For further information on any of these options,

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These programs include:



If unfamiliar, interacting and communicating with individuals with disabilities can be intimidating. Anxiety and uncertainty can lead to avoidance behaviours and offensive dialogue, which can affect the overall energy and enjoyment of the experience.

Our high value training can help your staff and volunteers feel confident and empowered when interacting with people with disability, their families and carers; enhancing the goodwill and experience for all involved. The training includes:

  • Disability and Human Rights
  • Social concepts of disability barriers
  • Inclusion is premium hospitality!
  • Smile, the universal welcome - an approach to cultural respect
  • Communicating and interacting with respect and confidence – defining what is appropriate in language, terminology and interaction.
  • Personal stories & experiences – how you can make a difference




True person centredness requires a shift in power, and encourages the person with disability to be at the centre of the decision making in all aspects of their own lives.

Before this can happen however, there needs to be a fundamental understanding of one’s individual identity, rights and the knowledge that they have the power to determine, express and expect their wants and grievances to be listened to and acted upon.

For many people with disabilities they have never been asked to consider themselves as an active participant (let alone the driver) in their own lives. They have rather been the grateful, but passive recipients of care, allowing others to make decisions on their behalf. 

IDEAS offer workshops to teach people with disability about their rights and give them tools on how to speak up about what they want in an appropriate and effective way.  The workshops do not focus around any specific area of their lives or care, but encompass the concept of individual rights and personal power, while giving them practical tools they can use to express their wishes effectively.

IDEAS are happy to come to you and to adjust the content and facilitation to suit the group’s needs.




The Universal Inclusion workshop series has been designed to work with people with disability and those staff members who work and interact with them. The overall aim of the workshops is to help both groups understand themselves and each other better. This understanding will give them more confidence and skills interacting with each other and contribute to the development of a universally inclusive workplace.

The series includes two workshops; Workshop 1 targets staff working and interacting with people with disability, and Workshop 2 is targeted at people with disability, developing their confidence and communication skills within the workplace. 



  • Enhance your employee /volunteer experience in the workplace.
  • Drive innovation and creativity through workforce diversity
  • Increase trust, goodwill and efficiency through opening and improving communication channels in and between all employees, volunteers and customers.
  • Build on the skill level of your staff whilst creating the attitudinal shift needed for full inclusion, at a relatively low investment
  • Establish your organisation as a leader in full inclusion and removing barriers.


Don’t forget we can tailor our training to your needs.


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