Exterior shot of brightly coloured shipping container  with wheelchair accessible ramp leading up to a doorway on its side.

Ezy-Dun is a portable accessible deluxe bathroom for all people with disabilities. It is available for event hire throughout NSW. People with disability want to get out and about with their families and friends to community festivals, events and sports just like everyone else. Ezy-Dun is an easy to use, wheelchair accessible dunny on-the-go with hoist, wheelchair accessible toilet and adult-sized change table.

Ezy-Dun comes with

  • a ramp for easy access
  • an accessible toilet with plenty of room for transfer and turning for wheelchair users
  • a hoist and a changing table, so the hygiene needs of older children and adults with mobility disabilities can be attended to with dignity.

Use our enquiry form or contact Kim Doherty at IDEAS. Communities might consider applying for small grants through their local council, their State or Federal governments in building community grants, and also as part of drought relief to help support the best events and festivals possible in regional New South Wales for everyone. 

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Media and research

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Unprecedented bushfires burning across Australia this summer have caused many communities to be evacuated and thousands of people to be displaced. IDEAS, Australia’s leading independent disability information provider has unveiled a new practical asset, Ezy-Dun, that can be deployed wherever people from fire-effected areas are evacuated or temporarily housed. Read more...

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Ezy Dun StatsThe whole idea is that there are so many of us in the community who need access to a good bathroom so we can "hang out but not hang on" as long we want to at a festival or event.

Hang out, don't "hang on"!

Ezy-Dun is just the ticket for

  • All people with any mobility issues
  • Wheelchair users
  • Parents with children on the autism spectrum who need quieter and low sensory stimulant spaces
  • Parents with children who need a dignified space to be changed
  • Adults living with conditions which mean they need a support person to assist safe and private toilet use.
  • Adults living with conditions which mean they need extra space for safety and comfort.
  • People who have to take medications in a clean private environment

 Image of interior of portable wheelchair accessible bathroom with toilet, hoist, adult sized change table and full vanity and separate basin.

Ezy-Dun is a great asset to make any event more accessible. We know that dwell time at an event adds to the spending power of people. We know that many older Australians with continence issues become more isolated due to their concerns about being caught short when out.

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