Man sitting in wheelchair with a helmet on with city background speaking

Got a question? What would you like to do? This story is on how IDEAS can provide the information that could help you be able to do things that you would like to do.

Man sitting in wheelchair with city and water backdrop speaking about travel and disability

Accessible tourism and travel are a big thing, IDEAS can help find out the information that you need to travel.

Tom sitting in his wheelchair with Sue sitting on a bench talking

Tom and Sue's Story! IDEAS staff member Sue meeting Tom in person after years of helping him through phone calls.

Woman standing in a garden with a microphone attached to her shirt

IDEAS is an independent organisation that provides valuable information for people with disability.

Lady sitting on a chair speaking

Meet some of the IDEAS staff at the IDEAS Annual General Meeting 2018.

Picture of Martin sitting in an office speaking

Martin Heng the chairperson of IDEAS speaks on Tip on Inclusiveness for small business owners.

Cecilia sitting on the lounge with her husband watching dancing with the stars

Cecilia had always wanted to do wheelchair dancing and was not able to find a teacher, with the help of IDEAS information officers she now enjoys wheelchair dancing lessons.

Picture of Christie and her brother James in the kitchen

Christie's story on how IDEAS helped with information on services in the area when James came to live with her.

Picture of persons prosthetic legs with shoes on

Edwin came to Australia and was diagnosed to have had a virus attack, Edwin was released from hospital not knowing what to do or who to turn to. IDEAS was able to assist in providing Edwin with much needed information on services and supports in his area.

Picture of Paul standing in his kitchen

Paul share's his experience with calling IDEAS for information on service providers and things that he needs in his area.