The following are direct quotes from IDEAS customers.



Valuable Information

"IDEAS gives useful info which I had trouble finding independently." - Debbie

 "IDEAS gave me invaluable information and it allowed me to find ways forward to help Nate. He lives with Tetraplegia Cerebral Palsy. If ever I needed advice, I only had to phone IDEAS and they would help me out also. I have been involved in support groups for people with disability in the Hunter Region for many years and also sought information from IDEAS to assist the group. I cannot thank IDEAS enough for the contribution they have made in my life and the lives of so many others in the disability community."  - Barbara 

"IDEAS provides me with up to date information on coming events."  - Ray

Friendly and Reliable

"When I phone for advice whoever takes the call is always downright welcoming and knowledgeable, making every effort to help. Never fail to pay attention unlike at times some others." - Pearl

"If staff are unable to answer a question immediately, they always get back to you." - Clive

Free and Independent

"Keep up the good work –your organisation is unique, unbiased, independent and very much needed." -  Glenda 

"IDEAS provides me with information which assists the service I work for to provide better supports to our service users. I do not have to speak to someone who is trying to sell something to get this information. Information is easily accessible by newsletter, a phone call or e-mail." - Support Worker

You can ask IDEAS anything! 

"When I moved house, my bathroom toilet area was divided and too small for a wheelchair. I enlisted IDEAS to help me renovate. Now I have a level shower and open area which is so useful –and at a subsidised price! I can even use my little gopher inside if I need to. Thank you IDEAS." - June

"I had a car accident and many surgery’s to me brain. Rang the team at IDEAS to have them assist me with my Dragon Program. I didn’t have the Program at work and was having trouble at home. I have now got it at home, (and working) and also at work. Thank you IDEAS! One note: for a period of time I could not understand words and the web. I needed to ring and get them to help me!" - Meg

Information on Disability & Education Awareness Services (IDEAS) provide access to information and opportunities for people with disability, their supporters and the community to reach their full potential. You can contact us to tell us your story.