Picture of a TTY - Text Telephone

Geoff Scott is a Deaf artist who challenged Telstra to provide a TTY (telephone typewriter) at the same cost as regular telephones. Geoff won the case, and now 30,000 Australians make phone calls through the National Relay Service.

Young man on a running track

Sekou Kanneh is a 12 year old runner who couldn't hear the starting gun because he was Deaf and so he had to wait until he saw competitors start. He asked for a flashing light to signal the start, and it ruled that this would be fair. 2013

Live football matches can now be experienced and enjoyed by those that are visually impaired. 

Cartoon used car dealership

This animation is about contracts under the Australian Consumer Law. It is one of six topics in a series about your rights and responsibilities when buying goods and services in Australia. It is aimed at new migrants, including those from emerging communities.

Reasonable and necessary supports written across a green screen

This video will help you understand what the NDIS means when they talk about reasonable and necessary supports and permanent and significant disability.

An online documentary series about accessible travel and the importance of accessibility in the tourism industry. With subtitles.

This video explains the steps you need to take if you are travelling overseas with prescription medication.