A view of Perth looking through trees

Pending no further local cases, the five-day lockdown for the Perth, Peel and South-West regions will end as planned.

Map of Australia with South Australia highlighted with some pins dropped on it, clipboard says SA COVID19 update, with surgical mask on it

Things do keep changing with COVID-19 and it is important to keep up to date so that you can stay safe. Here are resources for your state.

Concept photo of court. Four wooden figures representing a family are split into two groups, the parents are separate from the children. Behind them is a gavel. It is used in a courtroom.

The Bumpy Road is a website with Easy English Resources about Community Services in NSW. It uses simple language to help you understand. There are videos to watch.

Elderly woman looking out of a window

In a tea room conversation with a colleague (adhering to social distancing guidelines), Margaret* recounted a situation so perfectly relevant in today’s climate of social distancing in the wake of COVID-19. It was her Mum’s birthday and Margaret and her brother wanted to deliver a cake and present to her at her nursing home.

young girl in wheelchair on basketball court all court still smiling

International Day of People with a Disability (IDPWD) is held every year on December 3rd, but does it still matter?

The sign outside entrance to the NDIS headquarters in central Geelong. The building is at 13 - 19 Malop Street

The NDIA has released reform papers and is seeking feedback and input on assessments, planning and more.

Smoke billows over a dry grassy hill

What support is available for people with disabilities in a bushfire crisis? For people who have been affected by the fires, emergency aid, from emergency accommodation, evacuation centres, support services to financial assistance, is available. 

An image of a  lightbulb laying on a utility bill

It can be tough to know where to start for assistance if you have been devastated by severe weather or bushfire events and need to start the building blocks of life again. As well as contacting your insurance provider if you have one, there is help and support available from Government departments, and some communications and energy providers to restore vital services that you need.

An Image of a young girl with disabilty, standing at a tennis net, holding a tennis racquet

Summer and sports in Australia are always hand in hand, cricket, surfing, swimming, and of course Tennis. Tennis is a sport for everyone, you can begin at any age. As well as being a social way to meet people and spend time with friends it is a non-impact sport and has many health benefits like being good for bone health.

COVID-19 test tube with swabs

Anyone with cold or flu symptoms need to get tested for COVID-19. For some people with disability, this is easier said than done. Here's what we know on the use of home, call-to-test or self-testing kits.