A photo of a young girl with down syndrome smiling at the camera. She is standing on an athletics track.

Sport and participation in physical activity are engrained into Australian culture. Every Australian, regardless of gender, background or ability, should be able to participate in sport.

An image of three women siting and communicating, one is using sign language and the others are looking on.,

Providers of Australian Government-subsidised aged care services can access free sign language interpreting services to support clients who are deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing.

Map of australia, pins on Victoria - Victorian COVID19 Disability Information

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Victoria rises, the Government has taken more steps to try and keep people safe. People who live in some areas will need to go into lockdown. These are places where lots of people have COVID-19.  You might hear these places being called restricted, hot spots or priority.

An open book with imagery of a city drawn coming out of the pages, bringing them to life

What we consider as digital or virtual tourism as a support to the tourist industry and tourism exposure. Used mainly in the promotion of a destination or experience, designed to engage a consumer in the planning stages and commit them to travel, but not anymore.

Two girls at a table playing with  wooden blocks

In April, the Australian Government introduced a temporary initiative to offer free child care as a supportive measure to help families as the nation began to respond to COVID-19. This free child care assistance ends on the 13th of July. Read on to learn more.

Fresh cauliflower and pieces on a hessian mat

Cauliflower to look at is quite bland and uninteresting, pale and chunky, a vegetable wrapped in green leaves. At the moment whole cauliflowers can be bought for approximately $3.00 depending upon where you shop. However, it can be an amazing accompaniment to so many meals, or even on its own with a tasty sauce and crusty bread. 

Blonde woman laughing with a man, who is seated in a wheechair

Join Sally Robinson, Professor of Disability and Community Inclusion at this online event as she asks what can be done in terms of systems, policies, and practices to better protect people with disability from harm?

a man's hand above a ballot with a small Australian flag

If you are enrolled in the federal electoral division of Eden-Monaro you will be required to vote in this by-election on Saturday, July 4, 2020. Information on the three key focus points of early voting centres, accessibility and COVID-19 Safety measures is offered in this article.

Elderly woman holding onto a grab rail

For safety, comfort or adaptive living, there are many reasons why people want to make changes to their home. Often the uncertainty of how to or whether they’re allowed to make these changes stops them from progressing forward. This article will help to explain the different steps to take when home modifications are being considered. 

Children, one with disability, in a circle looking down at the camera.

We know it seems like we only just sent our kids back to school, and the holidays are here AGAIN. Our IDEAS team have contributed to help get you through, from what we do with our own youngsters, to online opportunities, we pull together some new boredom busters for Winter 2020.