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The NDIA has released new papers on Personalised Budgets.  The papers aim to give more information on how NDIS participant budgets are built in the future.

These papers relate to the new budget model and how the NDIA propose budgets will be built. The Personalised Budgets are still in the design and testing phase. The Papers are available in 3 versions.

  • Technical Information papers
  • Information for participants, their families and carers
  • Easy Read Guide.

Go to Personalised Budget Papers for more information and to download the papers. 

Along with the papers, Proposed “Participant Journey Maps” have also been released. The maps explain the planning process for Participants.  There are 3 map series that appear under Easy Read Guides, although they are not Easy Read.

  • Existing NDIS Participants
  • People joining the NDIS
  • Children under 7 years.


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