The New South Wales Local Government Elections were set to begin on the 4th September 2021, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation elections all over the state have been postponed.

Election Postponed

The Minister for Local Government made the decision on the 24th July 2021 to postpone the NSW Local Government Elections until the 4th December 2021. The official Order can be found below.

Voting Information

There are multiple voting options on the day, these include early voting, in person, postal votes and braille ballot papers. 

Postal Voting Eligibility

If your circumstances means you cannot make it to vote in person, you may be eligible to apply for postal voting. Eligibility criteria is below:

  • You will be outsdide your council area on election day
  • You will be more than 8km from a polling place 
  • You will be away travelling
  • You are ill, disabled or approaching full term pregnancy
  • You have religious beliefs which mean you cannot attend 
  • You are in prison 
  • You will be working on the day 
  • You are a silent elector and registered with AEC 
  • You are a person with disability 
  • You believe that voting may pose a risk to your person safety or your family
  • You are enrolled in the City of Sydney Council
  • You are self-isolating due to COVID-19 
  • You are a permanenet or temporary resident in a nursing home, hospital, retirement home or similar
  • You beliebe that attending an election in person will pose a risk to your health due to COVID-19

You must send your postal votes back by 6pm on Friday 17th December. 

 iVote (Online/Operator Assisted Voting)

This voting option is yet to be confirmed for the 2021 Local Government Elections, but may be an option due to COVID-19 pandemic. iVoting uses either the internet or a telephone as an alternative to attending a polling place in person. The eligbility criteria is below:

  • You are blind or have low vision 
  • You have a disability 
  • You require assistance to vote due to being unable to read or write
  • You are outside the 20km radius of a polling place
  • You are a silent elector 
  • You will not be in your Local Government Area duing voting hours on election day
  • You have applied for a postal vote but have not received your ballot papers before 5pm on 26th November 2021

Braille Ballot Papers

You must apply ASAP should you wish to vote using braille ballot papers. This can be done by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 1300 135 736. The braille ballot paper can be sent to your address for a postal vote or sent to your early voting centre or voting centre to complete in person. 

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Important Information

  • Sydney Town Hall will not be used for 2021 local council elections. Please find another voting centre within your local council area.
  • There will be no hospital voting centres open due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Voting at declared institutions such as some nursing homes, aged care centres or hospitals will not be available. 

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