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Australia’s only independent information provider for people with disability, IDEAS, has today welcomed the launch of the long-awaited federally-funded Disability Gateway portal.

IDEAS has been instrumental in lobbying for a national disability information service for more than five years, advocating for independent accurate information services to be easily accessible to all people with disability and their families and carers.

“Access to accurate information services has been requested by people with disabilities and their families and carers for more than a decade and it’s something we have heard consistently across the 30 years we’ve been in operation,” IDEAS executive officer Diana Palmer said.

IDEAS congratulates the Benevolent Society, the awarded operator of the Disability Gateway.

“To see the Gateway brought into being is a serious beginning,” Ms Palmer said. “But there is much more work to do to make individual choices more accessible for people in the communities where they live.”

“The Previous Minister, Paul Fletcher, made the gateway part of the coalition platform in readiness for the May 2019 election. As proponents of change, we are grateful to both Minister Fletcher, Minister Ruston and the Department of Social Services for getting the Gateway stood up,” Ms Palmer said.

The Disability Information Gateway commenced operation on 27th January 2021 at or 1800 643 787.

 IDEAS does information so you can do life.