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Facebook has blocked Australian media outlets from sharing content on their platform. This is creating a lot of confusion and has disrupted the way many people consume their media and news. This may result in safety concerns for all Australian Facebook users, including users with a disability, by limiting their access to critical and time-sensitive information in emergencies like bushfires, weather events, COVID and other health emergencies. 

Update: Facebook reversed its block on news and media in Australia. Read more on the reverse of the media/news ban from Huffington Post here.

If you are having trouble accessing your normal news, emergency, health or media content from Facebook, remember that all of these media, health, emergency and government information sources have their own websites you can go to directly to access their information as well as other social media channels like Twitter. 

For more information about the new restrictions, and why they are happening, you can read the ABC News article: Facebook news ban stops Australians from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content or the Sydney Morning Herald's article:: Facebook news ban hits emergency services and government health departments

We've put together a list of some key information and news sources for you. This list is not exhaustive and if you would like us to add any, please leave a comment on our Facebook post. 

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Media and news sources

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Web: abc.net.au/news 
Twitter: @abcnews

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)

Web: sbs.com.au/news 
Twitter: @SBSNews

Guardian Australia

Web: theguardian.com/australia-news/all
Twitter: @GuardianAus

The Sydney Morning Herald

Web: smh.com.au 
Twitter: @smh

The Age

Web: theage.com.au 
Twitter: @theage

9 News

Web: 9news.com.au 
Twitter: @9NewsAUS

The Australian

Web: theaustralian.com.au 
Twitter: @australian

News Corporation

Web: news.com.au 
Twitter: @newscomauHQ

7 News

Web: 7news.com.au 
Twitter: @7NewsAustralia

10 News

Web: 10play.com.au/news/national
Twitter: @10NewsFirst

Sky News Australia

Web: skynews.com.au 
Twitter: @SkyNewsAust

Government information sources

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) 

Web: www.bom.gov.au 
Twitter: @BOM_au

Queensland Health

Web: health.qld.gov.au 
Twitter: @qldhealthnews

ACT Government

Web: act.gov.au  
Twitter: @ACTgovernment

ACT Health

Web: health.act.gov.au 
Twitter: @ACTHealth

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