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  • Disability Gateway COVID -19

    Disability Gateway 1800643 787

    Do you have a question about Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    Do you need help because things have changed?

    Contact the Disability Gateway on 1800 643 787. 

  • How Coronavirus is impacting the disability sector

    Australians living with a disability and their carers are some of the most at-risk groups when it comes to Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Chief Executive at Community Living Australia, Mark Kulinski, joins Jennie Lenman on SA Today to talk about the organisation's measures in reducing the threat.

  • Staying Connected

    In Season 2 of the Supported Decision-Making podcast, Advocacy for Inclusion is focusing on Staying Connected. We will find our way through these challenging times together.

  • COVID-19 operational plan for people with disability released

    wheelchair user holding a surgical mask

    On Thursday, April 16th, National Cabinet (State, Territory and Federal leaders) agreed to release the Management and Operational Plan for COVID-19 for People with Disability.

  • Handwashing, Face masks, Sensory Processing and COVID-19

    A childs hands holding heart shaped soap.

    If you are supporting someone who lives with Sensory Processing difficulties, then explaining the need for good hygiene practices to "stop the spread" can be made easier with visual resources. 

  • Hand hygiene for wheelchair users

    In learning about COVID-19 and the capability of the virus to live on surfaces for extended periods, the implications for cohorts of people with a disability such as wheelchair users require some extra care. More than a case of frequently washing your hands, you need to also clean your wheelchair and components.

  • Catch ups for People with Disability in COVID-19

    Image of a young girl with disability. She sits in a chair and is wearing headphones.

    COVID- 19 restrictions have created opportunities for peer groups and families to connect and meet in different ways. Online and offline, people with like-minded interests are communicating and sharing. Support groups have been moving to video-calls. Virtual coffee catchups are in. We also highlight FriendLine, a phone service for a chat.

  • Staying at home during Coronavirus

    Staying at home factsheet

    The Government has told us to stay at home because of Coronavirus.

    Coronavirus is also called COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 Info in Community Languages

    COVID19 Info in Community Languages. Picture is a collage of fact sheets in different languages and scripts.  There are pictures of handwashing and a person presenting on TV.

    Need to get coronavirus (COVID-19) resources in your language?

    There is information about health, money and support.

  • Online meetings and supporting inclusive practices

    A view of a computer screen, set up for a video conference, with different ethnicity and age people engaged in group videocall.

    An increase in online meet-ups has some people wondering what the "rules" are. Are they the same as a face-to-face meeting? Here we discuss what makes best practice whether you are a meeting attendee or organiser, some tips on holding an inclusive meeting and communicating clearly.

  • Calls to the COVID-19 Disability Info Helpline

    Words Say snapshot disability covid info helpline

    IDEAS has prepared a Snap Shot of the National COVID-19 Disability Information Helpline it helped operate between April 2020 and January 2021. It shows the type of information and assistance people with a disability have needed as the COVID-19 crisis developed.

  • Disability Royal Commission Hearing on Emergency Planning

    Bold words say hearing update - disability royal commission emergency planning and response  in the background is a montage of news paper articles in black and white on disability

    The Disability Royal Commission turned it's focus to COVID19 and Emergency Planning and Response at a public hearing in August.

  • Helping Stop the Spread – Your Mob.

    A mature Aboriginal couple sit at a table. In front of them is a laptop, they are both smiling/ laughing at something on the screen. A cup of sits to the left of the woman.

    If you are looking for easy ways to share about Coronavirus (COVID-19) with your mob, there are resources to help you. Animated videos, Auslan Video, official posters, brochures and downloads can help you share the message to stay safe.

  • $60K relief for IDEAS

    Media Release

    Disability information service IDEAS has secured a $60,000 grant to help transport its portable toilet and change facility, known as Ezy-Dun.

  • IDEAS launches free website to help people with disability during the bushfire crisis

    Media release
  • Reflections of Financial Year 2019-2020

    Image of Diana Palmer gazing into the distance

    This year 2019-2020 we have connected with nearly five million people answering their enquiries and delivering information on how people want to receive it. 

    Our staff share 373 years of disability sector experience, 85% of IDEAS board members live with a disability or have close lived experience of disability. 42% of IDEAS staff live with a disability or have close lived experience of disability.

    We get it! Dive in and get a picture of our customer’s experience and meet some of the IDEAS family.

  • Easy For Me

    Easy for Me magazine cover

    The Information Access Group has made an Easy Read magazine full of things you can do while you stay safe at home because of COVID-19.