• Royal Commission seeks comment for Issue Papers

    woman with purple hair bound by an orange rope.

    The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with a Disability (Disability Royal Commission) has released several Issue papers in recent months. 

  • Can good things come from the COVID-19 crisis?

    A young girl with disability is laying in the grass, she has her eyes closed, is smiling with her hands partly covering her face.

    The impact of COVID-19 has been widespread and has changed the way many things work. While we know it has been a challenging time for some people with a disability, there have also been some positive changes that have happened.

  • COVID-19 Factsheets Supporting People with a Disability

    picture of covers of 3 fact sheets - with lots of words on them

    As part of its plan to make sure the needs of people with a disability are met during the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal health department has made a range of new fact sheets. There is information for families, support workers and health workers.

  • 3 ways to make your online content more inclusive

    3 blue keys on a keyboard. Each key has a symbol for accessibility. From left to right: Wheelchair access. Hearing loop and a person with low vision using a cane.

    Thursday, May 21, 2020, marks the ninth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). GAAD aims to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.

  • Top 10 COVID-19 FAQs from IDEAS Info Officers

    An image of an IDEAS Information Officer in a blue shirt working on a computer. She wears a headset.

    Our Information and Content Officers have been hard at work taking your calls, answering your questions and researching the information that you need! As a result, we have combined all our brainpower and come up with our top 10 most asked questions relating to COVID-19 to help you unblur those lines:

  • Children with Disability and the Return to School.

    A boy in school uniform is walking though a corridor smiling.

    The disruption to routine, changes to the way children are learning from home, and changes overall from COVID-19 have been a rough ride for most. For some parents educators, and carers, the next hurdle will be how to cope moving forward, as children return to the school space.

  • What do COVID rule changes mean for people with a disability?

    Woman using a wheelchair being shown a cuddly toy by her daughter

    The COVID rules are different in every state. And they will keep changing. The rules cover things like work, going out, meeting people, school, cafes, clubs and travel. It is hard to say what they mean for each person with a disability. Some people with a disability have health reasons that mean if they got COVID-19 they would be very unwell. 

  • Support with Phone and Internet Complaints

    Image of wooden blocks spelling out the word Ombudsman.

    The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has announced extra support with urgent complaints about telecommunications. This support is for vulnerable and at-risk residential consumers and small businesses in response to COVID-19.

  • 3 Step Plan to ease COVID-19 Rules

    3 Step plan to ease COVID-19 rules. Woman with dark glasses and assistance dog. with three numbered green ticks.

    The Government has made a 3 Step Plan to ease the COVID-19 rules.

  • COVID-19 testing for people with a disability.

    A man in his car with a medical mas is having his temperature taken

    IDEAS has put together information on COVID-19 testing, locations, what to expect, where to find testing centres, how long results take and how to get help about access needs at testing clinics.

    You can also call us to ask about testing. Free Call: 1800 643 787.
    We have helped many people find testing in their local area.
    Plus work through questions about the test, accessibility, transport and support.

  • Paying your bills in the COVID-19 crisis 

    Electricity bill with bar graphs and an energy efficient light bulb

    Many people are facing financial hardship because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Because of this, many utility providers, including energy companies, phone and internet providers, government services, and insurers are offering their customers flexibility when it comes to paying their bills.

  • $60K relief for IDEAS

    Media Release

    Disability information service IDEAS has secured a $60,000 grant to help transport its portable toilet and change facility, known as Ezy-Dun.

  • How service providers are doing things differently in COVID-19

    Two women, one with visible disability, stretching in a yoga pose

    For People with Disability, Coronavirus restrictions have limited the vital supports they receive, like face-to-face services and therapies. Suddenly, group programs for socialising, activities to get out and about, or attendance to learn new technology or equipment, have been at a standstill. We write about the alternatives that providers offer.

  • SBS Multilingual Coronavirus videos

    SBS has produced a number of videos to provide information in various languages about coronavirus (COVID-19). It is committed to informing all Australians about the latest coronavirus developments. To this end news and information about coronavirus (COVID-19) is available in a range of languages on the SBS website.

  • Disability Information delivered via supermarkets

    Media Release

    IDEAS (Information on Disability, Education and Awareness Services) is at the front end of the Disability Information Helpline set up to assist people with disability and their families during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

  • COVID-19 Info in Community Languages

    COVID19 Info in Community Languages. Picture is a collage of fact sheets in different languages and scripts.  There are pictures of handwashing and a person presenting on TV.

    Need to get coronavirus (COVID-19) resources in your language?

    There is information about health, money and support.

  • Shopping safely online in the COVID-19 crisis

    woman shopping online with a credit card and laptop on a couch

    While we are all at home more because of COVID-19, people are beginning to make more of their purchases online. Some people are not confident when making purchases online, and some are overly confident. Making a digital transaction can be scary and you need to be careful. Here are some ways to stay safe and smart when shopping online.

  • Staying at home during Coronavirus

    Staying at home factsheet

    The Government has told us to stay at home because of Coronavirus.

    Coronavirus is also called COVID-19.

  • Staying safe from Coronavirus

    CID factsheet Staying Safe from Coronavirus

    Coronavirus is a virus that is making people sick in Australia and overseas. Coronavirus is also called COVID–19.

  • How to maintain healthy habits during COVID-19 with food and exercise

    healthy food and woman in wheelchair drinking tea

    Feeling overwhelmed? Is all the information giving you a headache?
    Is your nutrition and exercise routine the first thing to go when life gets a little bizarre?
    That is where IDEAS quick tips to maintaining healthy habits during COVID-19 shines.